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Transitioning your wardrobe

This is a simple guide to become more conscious and sustainable consumers. If we are intentional with our purchases, we can avoid more resources being used and waste being created, thereby reducing burden on our planet.

A great way to avoid mindless shopping (especially emotional shopping) is to know what we already have in our wardrobes, and to have a sense of how we want our style to evolve. This helps us to buy items that add true value to our wardrobes, ones we’re more likely to cherish and wear often.

Ideas to create a wardrobe with pieces you will cherish for 100 wears;

1. Keep a tidy closet space, so it reminds you what you already have and not to over crowd it.

2. Buy clothing bags that can help you divide your each clothing item : tops-tunics-shirts / pants-skirts-shorts / dresses-kurtas.

3. Try not to hang your clothes, keeping them folded increases their shelf life.

4. Repair if damaged.

5. Swap with family & friends occasionally

6. Keeping clothes in good condition helps you donate more often

7. Have a budget (monthly/quarterly/yearly) so you are always in check before consuming new & more

8. While buying new items check material composition.

9. Buy sustainable fabrics; natural, organic or recycled materials. With easy wash care.

10. Buy from local small brands. They have better transparency on their supply chain. Avoid brands with huge supply chains & large quantities.

11. When browsing through online portals, ‘like’ items or put it in cart and leave it. Let them sit there for a month. If it’s still on your mind, and you really have to buy, check the contents before making new purchase.

12. Value and take good care of your products and wear them till you outgrow them.

If each of us can transition to a better healthier wardrobe, thereby reducing our contribution to the costs of fashion in the long-term, and reducing environmental pressure.

This conscious approach of consumption can be followed not just while buying clothes but in fact while buying anything new. Making deliberate, informed choices is good for humanity & our world.

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