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A Comfort zone is a beautiful place…..

We all have our comfort zones. Some are happy living life around it and some of us just can’t hang around it all the time! I personally don’t like monotony. And let’s be honest comfort zones over a period of time create tedium! Who likes lack of variety in life? None of us! We all like to use the best of both expanse. I guess Life is all about moving out of our comfort zone, feel awkward and uncomfortable when we try to learn new things and in return grow as an individual. From the time as a child i can only remember this sequence being unstoppable and as I’m feeling good about getting into a comfort zone at the same time I’m gearing up to learn something new!

I have come to realise that i like learning. I leave the city of my comfort and go into wilderness of my intution. One such decision I took was to start my own label! (It came alongwith changes ocurring personally in life!) So until 2014 I wasn’t sure about becoming an entrepreneur. But when you have had the chance to be educated in your choice of subjects you wouldnt just want to give it up! I was moving out of (lot of things) my hometown! I had quit my job. Moving to a different country. With the person I truly want grow younger and wiser! So I completely stepped out of my comfort world and cranked up to experience, learn and grow.

Once you complete the course of education the only way to learn and grow is finding a good job.Thats exactly how we millennials have understood! So what one does when you are an expat in the host country! Its really not easy to find the exact similar job you had been doing or atleast what you want to pursue further. Sapped in applying for any and every job, I had to get back to what i love doing. A way that will keep me closer to my roots and the way i can tell stories about leaving your comfort zone, taking a leap of faith, and to find out what truly you are capable of becoming.

Reth.Label was hence born,  as we belong to the age of ‘long distance’ relationships! Reth was born out of this long distance love for Design and India! Myself and a dear friend of mine co-founded ‘Reth’ to create a sustainable fashion. Having worked as a visual communicator and she as a merchandiser at our respective retail design companies, we decided to take the plunge and challenge oursleves with entrepreneurship! It’s been two years since the time of its inception and like i stated at the begining as it starts getting comfortable I try to change it! COMFORT ZONE is completely a MADE UP PLACE!

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