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The grass is always Greener!

It is just so easy to get mesmerized these days with lives of at least hundred known, unknown folks from all around the world! A gift from the world wide web (www). From the year 1989 when it was discovered till date the World has come closer, faster then ever one imagined. So think about the generation who is witnessing this rapid shift of paradigm! The rise in digital revolution and like myself many of us are still coming in terms to adulthood! We talk to people more online than in real. We follow, like, comment, share. There is just so much information each day i feel 24 hours aren’t enough to grasp all that data being shared on my screen!

I have started to feel its more about sociology and psychology rather than being about technology. Its becoming demanding to our already demanding lives. We are striving to lead a life like someone we pursue or chasing to lead a better life than someone whom we secretly envy. We are just creating competition for ourselves. It is good to challenge oneself but to what extent do we want to go, we should start asking ourselves. All the pop of words & colors on my screen in different mediums; pictures, articles, posts and blogs always leave me feeling apprehensive! “I’m not doing anything exemplary!”;this thought crosses my mind each day on some odd hour when I see someone doing something baffling, distinctive than me!

“The grass is greener on the other side!” Echoes in my head! That’s the panorama the web is creating and its not such a pretty picture if its going to leave me perplexed each time I watch or read. We are the digital natives! And surely we have to learn to deal with the pressure it brings along! So let’s focus on our individual life. Learn to be happy for everyone and anyone around, appreciate who is doing something exceptional. Stay humble, its the only way to keep growing. No one can do everything but everyone can do something. So lets keep doing what we are good at. I’m finally learning that even if the grass is greener on the other side, its still pretty green over here! 🙂

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