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Consume more consciously

Ever imagined that our harmless shopping can be environmentally destructive?

You agree that we are all living & witnessing large scale shifts in weather pattern. And this is because of the human induced activities that lead to greenhouse emissions. But did you know that 10% of CO2 is contributed by Fast Fashion & Textile industry?! Fast fashion are the clothing made from cheap material at unbelievably cheap prices – often made from synthetic textiles like polyester, nylon, spandex, rayon etc. When these textiles are washed they leave behind micro plastic wastes, they are the primary source polluting our oceans. Also most of this clothing is usually manufactured in Asian countries, where most factories run on coal and gas. In terms of waste, the rise in fast fashion has led to a rise in the high turnover of clothes. Keeping up on fashion trends means that 85% of textiles go to the landfill each year that leads to mass of clothes waste. Also since past few years online shopping has become everyone's way of life, these deliveries reaching at your doorstep is a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our consumption is creating environmental pressure. And we need to do something together to slow climate change. We as consumers can change our consumption habit to reduce pressure on the planet. We can buy the change we want to see in the world.

We as creators realize it's our responsibility to address this environmental pressure too and build better to contribute in however small steps we can. We are constantly making change in our operations to reduce our carbon footprint. We use natural and bio-degradable fabrics, mostly sourced from surplus export vendors. We design from already existing textile variety available. We use recycled packaging, and produce only by made-to-order as that reduces overproduction, and minimize returns. We are working on sustainable transport for our deliveries. Small production helps us in keeping a constant check on all the above processes. We know our consumers want to consciously consume and we want to provide better, so that together we can balance with the planet.

Buy less, choose better quality and make your clothes last. Buy only the things you love and you really need it. Yet next time if there is an impulse to buy that t-shirt or a dress, ask yourself if you really need it. If yes then lend some extra time on where to buy from, is it environmental friendly product, is it locally produced, is the material recycled or natural and is a nearest local store providing delivery. This time you invested reading would save one piece of cloth from going to the landfill.

We want to help you build a conscious life with things that last if not 100 years but at least 100 wears. Together we can create change and contribute towards a better future.

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